Feb 7, 2011 my ham sui gok turned out great just like the the one at the bakery couldn't post the recipe yet because i didn't measure the spices for

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Hum sui gok/hom sui gok: advice or pictorial, anyone? how is that "ham sui gok" experiment coming along? :biggrin: one thing that i kind of wondered is: in "ham sui gok", as in "geen dui" (deep-fried glutinous i've come across some hom sui gok that were pale like yours before, so it's just the style of the recipe.

81 recipes matching “dim sum”. baked ham buns (for tuey bow) · bean sauce noodles (ja jeung mein) savory pork triangles (gee yoke gok) · savoury sesame balls stuffed rice noodle rolls (guen fun) · sui mai dim sum dumplings

Deep-fried crescent dumplings (ham sui gok); these have a similar filling to taro dumplings (wu gok), but are covered in a wrapper in a pastry made with glutinous (sweet) rice before deep-frying. pork and shrimp pot stickers - recipe for chinese pot sticker dumplings

Jul 14, 2008 i love ham sui gok so much! when i go to dim sum, the first thing i think about mexican (3), recipe (17), russian (1), school lunch (9)

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The dough recipe has been tested a few times so it’s good to use. as for the filling, i never follow a correct measurement. lately, we have a vegetarian guest so i always "the dumpling bun thing" - i love it! these look like they could almost be a healthy version of my fave deep-fried yum cha item, ham sui gok. yummy!
Gok — turnover or dumpling, usually deep-fried; fun gok — shrimp, pork &c in moon-shaped rice-pastry; gee yuk gok — pork & water chestnuts in egg pastry; ham sui gok — pork & vegetables in sweet rice pastry;

Ham sui gok. this is a deep fried rice flour dumpling with a pork and vegetable stuffing. the stuffing is salty, and the rice flour dumpling wrapper is sticky and a little sweet. i love love ham sui gok its the best. ha cheong fun comes in a very close second.

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