Aug 24, 2009 after two months of green smoothies she started to notice her husband *multiple sclerosis. *arthritis, asthma, auto immune disease

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; cir and i just purchased a vita-mix machine. what's a vita-mix you ask? it's the single best item we have ever purchased as far as our health is concerned. with it we can make whole food juices, smoothies, he drinks it to help with his multiple sclerosis symptoms. we know what that feels like now. the energy you get

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Oct 12, 2010 fruit for smoothies is best done by preparing the fruit you
Get started by sharing your multiple sclerosis story. i am really interested in the green smoothies and will definately give them a try

Smoothies have jumped out of the health food stores and into tony cafes, duking it out with specialty coffees as the "grande" drink of choice. the chalky powders and additives with the funny aftertaste are gone. even the humblest street vendor is offering upscale jolts like wheatgrass and whey

Multiple sclerosis news and headlines from around the web. radiation therapy improves painful condition associated with multiple sclerosis, study finds

Msb-0362 arrgh i'm a pirate (its legal); youtube videos; advance patrol - "blågula färger"; . a blog and podcast about multiple sclerosis, about suffering and coping with it and about the people and products that help you deal with it go to instead.

Summary: two different experimental oral therapies for multiple sclerosis have shown positive results in preliminary phase 2 clinical trials, according to researchers reporting at this week’s european neurological society meeting in vienna. "and i treat myself to ice cream cones, milk shakes, and smoothies," she adds.

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