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| Finnish Bread Nisu | | Rachael Ray Cooking Yams |

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bi "nissua is a tender finnish sweet bread made with cardamom. this bread is formed into braided the correct name is 'nisu' or 'pulla'. you may want to try them like this: after

My great-grandmother immigrated from haapajärvi, finland in the late 1800's, and settled in gloucester, massachusetts. my goal is to reinvent the recipes that i've gathered from

News and information for amateur bakers and artisan bread enthusiasts.

Bread machine version of finnish nisu or sweet bread. you can also toast or make great finnish-style french toast! yummy! (cook time is estimated - depends on your bread machine).

Finnish coffee bread - great with butter and jam. most finns serve with coffee and around the holidays.

1/4 c. butter 1 c. sugar 1 tsp. salt 2 c. milk (lukewarm) 3 yeast cakes (softened in a little water) 4 eggs, beaten 6 to 7 c. bread flour or more (it may take 8 c.)

Pulla (finnish pronunciation: ) is a mildly-sweet finnish dessert bread flavored with there it is also commonly known as nisu, an old finnish word still in use with the same

Ever since i was a little girl, christmas morning always began with freshly toasted nisu, a finnish sweet bread, slathered in soft butter. my grandmother, hilja, would put on a

Braid finnish pulla or nisu bread |► sweet breads are served with coffee in finland. this how to video shows you how to make different shapes and braids for nisu or pulla bread.

  • A unique bread with a sweet flavor that makes my husband is finnish-american and begged me to make this bread for his able to find for the wonderful finnish nisu
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| Finnish Bread Nisu | | Rachael Ray Cooking Yams |

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