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Thanks to 2023 and Cheers to 2024

Thanks for being with us !

    Happy Chinese New Year

Auspicious dragons and colorful phoenixes dance gracefully. As the last page of 2023 slowly turns, we welcome the Lunar New Year of 2024. Looking back, we remain true to our original aspirations; looking forward, we are full of confidence.

To our LIFEPUM colleagues:

In 2023, each of us has diligently fulfilled our responsibilities and worked hard towards our common goals. This year, we witnessed personal growth and also the power of teamwork. We learned resilience and found out opportunities in adversity. This year, we still reaped abundant rewards...

All these, because we are LIFEPUM people, because we are together.

Especially during the 3 years of global pandemic crisis, every one of LIFEPUM shone like the brightest stars in the night sky, illuminating the company's future. Your daily efforts are the company's precious treasure. Facing numerous challenges, you didn’t give up but demonstrated true persistence and courage through your actions. Each effort and each achieved goal, contributed an indelible strength to LIFEPUM's growth and success. Remembering those days shrouded in the pandemic, you didn’t retreat but engaged more firmly in your work; you tirelessly devoted yourselves to ensure the company's smooth operation, steadfast without regret; when isolated in the company for production, your eyes sparkled with a firm belief in the future.

"In collective wisdom, there is none wiser than the sage; in collective strength, none stronger than the world." - Sun Quan, Three Kingdoms

Through those nights, you are the warmest light illuminating LIFEPUM.

Here, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to every LIFEPUM person. It is because of your selfless contributions that LIFEPUM could stand firm during this global crisis and continue to move forward.

To our domestic and international partners:

LIFEPUM's steady growth is inseparable from the hard work of LIFEPUM’s people but also the relentless efforts and continuous support from all our domestic and international partners. Together, we set sail and navigate through the waves. You have brought LIFEPUM products to the places where they are needed and help more and more patients. The completion of each order and the satisfaction of each customer are the best testament to your professionalism and recognition to LIFEPUM’s products.

Looking back at this global pandemic crisis, when facing various challenges and difficulties, you did not shrink back but rose to the occasion. You do your best to make solutions to all needs of domestic and international customers promptly. With your efforts, LIFEPUM's products have become synonymous with quality, trust, and reliability. Your every trip and every communication, builds strong bridges between LIFEPUM and our customers.

At this moment, the whole nation celebrates a sleepless night. On this Lunar New Year, LIFEPUM would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you. In the days to come, let us continue to fight side by side, face market challenges together and create more possibilities.

To healthcare staffs:

In the development journey of LIFEPUM, healthcare staffs have always been our indispensable partners. LIFEPUM extends the highest respect to these angels in white, who quietly toil and dedicate their professionalism and love in the medical field. Whether in ordinary days or challenging times, angels in white fear nothing, advancing with iron will and benevolence, embodying the spirit of saving and healing.

We are grateful to have you with us. On our path to quality improvement and technological innovation, it is your practical experience and deep understanding of patient needs that help our products better serve society. Here, LIFEPPUM would like to express our deepest thanks to the angels in white.

"Great passes are as iron, yet we advance." In 2024, we will continue to uphold our mission and vision and strive for higher goals. Let's join hands, look forward, and set off again!

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