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2024 Lifepum Invites You to Join the Medical Feast!

The 89th CMEF Expo, a grand event in the global medical device industry, will be held from April 11-14,2024 in Shanghai.

Lifepum Meditech Technology Co., Ltd. will bring its entire product line to the show and expect to meet you there. Let’s witness the grand ceremony of medical device industry and explore more opportunities together!

Within a global perspective, the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) closely follows the latest developments in international medical technology, with a focus on the newest breakthroughs and progress in fields such as artificial intelligence, precision medicine, telemedicine, 3D printing, and life sciences. CMEF will invite world-renowned experts to deeply interpret global market trends, share successful international cases, and help Chinese companies align with international standards and expand into overseas markets. This initiative also aims to attract leading global companies to China searching for cooperative opportunities.

At this event, exhibition groups from countries including the United States, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan will bring the latest medical technology achievements, demonstrating the innovative power of the international medical community. The exhibition teams from various countries will also be in continuous attendance. CMEF has attracted professional visitors and buyers from 150 countries and regions, truly establishing a transnational and cross-cultural medical industry exchange platform, fostering mutual learning and cooperation within the global medical industry.

Here, LIFEPUM sincerely invites you to join us at this luxurious feast of medical technology, to collaboratively forge a bright future for healthcare! Let us witness and propel the development and transformation of the medical and health industry in China and across the globe together!

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