Khoai mon nau voi ca trau, hup chua khoi co, gat dau khen ngon. 150g nep thom, 300g dua nao, la dua, 50g bot mi. dua cai thao xao de an. cuoi bua trang mieng voi che troi

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Video nau an uyen thy - uyen thy's cooking - cup 5-15-2008 uyen thy mi xao don thap cam part 1 runtime 11-15-2010 uyen thy's cooking - che khoai mon sticky taro
3-30-2009 uyen thys cooking - che banh lot voi ca si 6-15-2009 uyen thys cooking lau vit nau chao tap 2 3-9-2009 uyen thys cooking banh khoai mi nuong banh da lon

Bnh m ngt nhn xoi v ph mai(mango and cream cheese bun) bnh phu taro rice pudding with pandan coconut milk/ch khoai mn ; thch hnh nhn (almond

Ch khoai m. ch k 1. 100gr k vo sch, cho vo ni c va, vo che thung, che bot, sen, che chuoi, che banh, cach nau, mau, nau che, banh lot

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