The newest way to make meth is called the shake n’ bake or one-pot method and poses a new danger to communities i was just outside today in a city preserve doing wildlife photography when i found two, 2-liter bottles in the woods which turned out to be this type of meth.

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2 liter bottles so win u say sail as rock that can be made 2 make meth becuse there is this house that has a lot of rocks big the small——-) ps u can look me up on my space and then we cam talk more about this
It is a new way to make meth amphetamine with a 2 liter bottle shake and bake meth: new way to make meth amphetamine (faces of meth photos and slideshow); august 24, 11:04 pmtampa a new "shake-and-bake" recipe requires only a 2-liter soda bottle, a handful of cold pills and some common household chemicals.
I was reading some furniture blogs (doesn't everyone?) and noticed this post . it's a great idea and something like the earthboxes my mom grows tomatoes in, but the cost?!!? $55? that seems a bit much. i decided to make something like that using a 2 liter bottle and a rag from an old t-shirt.
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Using the new formula, batches of meth are much smaller but just as dangerous as the old system, i cannot believe this article actually describes how to make meth. next they will pass a law saying 2 liter bottles have to be made thicker, or they will eliminate them all together. we'll go back to paper milk cartons.
The new “one-pot” or “shake-and-bake” method uses commonly available chemicals and recipes that can be found on irresponsible web sites.4 using this method, criminals can make meth in containers such as 2-liter soda bottles in as little as 30 minutes, even while driving the bottles around in the back of a pickup

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How to make methamphetamine. otherwise known as crystal meth, speed, crank, get the funnel and place it in the 1 liter bottle. put two coffee filters in the funnel and pour the liquid from the 2 liter through them into the 1 liter bottle. pour a little at a time to make sure you don't let any get outside the filters.

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