Added 29/01/2009 19:16:51 hi guys! i hope everyone is doing well. we didnt have the best day baking bread.for some reason, nothing turned out!

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I got portabella shicaccia bread from publix holy crap its amazing. think it was caitlin who made this a few weeks ago and got me thinking about making
Below are recipes people are currently looking for. if you see a request shicaccia: bread : jodie mccallum : 0

Mmmmk that shicaccia looks ridiculously good. sorry about the bread, but youre so amazingly positive im sure all will be well tomorrow!
I got portabella shicaccia bread from publix holy crap its amazing. i put low-fat pesto, swiss cheese, cheddar jack cheese, sundried tomatoes, feta, and

Portabella shicaccia bread. cadbury cream eggs.

9:00 am. 1/2 shicaccia bread with portobellos (like some of you might like this recipeits kinda like top with green onion, tomatoes, kidney beans and
Mill bread-wheat/ rye w sesames, flax, oat rosemary shicaccia small

Shicaccia spicy pizza pretzel : stone ground whole wheat with whole wheat stone ground sliced bread

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