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To black, about 3 1/2 to 4 minutes, being very careful not to let it scorch. while gumbo is simmering, bone cooked chicken and cut into small dice.,1-0,dark_roux,ff.html

Chef john folse & company is the parent company of several food related industries. do not scorch. should black specks appear, discard and begin again.,1739,152179-224195,00.html

One secret to smooth gumbo is adding shrimp stock that is neither too hot if it smells scorched or acrid, or if there are black flecks in the roux, it has

It takes 2-3 hours to make a gumbo and if you try to bang one out in seven there is no way to fix a scorched roux except to pretend you like scorched gumbo.

Recipe: seafood and okra gumbo with alligator sausage from the new orleans or stirring constantly so it doesn't scorch, until it turns a peanut-butter

Butter roux must be cooked at low to low-medium heat, or the butter will scorch. and cajun recipe page. the gumbo pages | search this site. chuck taggart

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| Scorched Gumbo | | Slow Cooking Prime Rib In Electric Roaster |