Eva P1 Drug Compounding Robot

Conform to specification for pharmacy intravenous admixture

The 1st drug compounding machine able to be put into BSC in China


Ø Sterile Operation: It is able to put into BSC or laminar wall. It is in accordance with the standard of 100 class cleanness environment.

Ø Drugs Safety: The automatic compounding reduces the manual intervention and aslo the error rate.Thus medical staff's protection is improved, infusion quality is guaranteed and nosocomial infection rate is reduced.

Ø High Efficiency: One person is able to run two machines at the same time. The fastest compounding speed is less than 10s/pc, total efficiency is higher than manual work and support multiple compounding modes.

Ø Occupational Protection:Operator doesn’t touch drugs directly during compounding process, so that operator’s safety is guaranteed

Ø Easy to Operate: With featured & humanized software and drug database of clinical validation, drugs compound automatically.

Ø EIntelligent and Humanized Service: The first innovative technology on syringe rotary dissolving drugs in the world. Drugs are dissolved fully.

Ø Traceable Records:Connect with hospital’s HIS or PIVAS system. Compounding record is traceable by date and generate report to save forever. The record includes drugs names, quantity, operator,compounding time and etc.

Working Display
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